Frequently Asked Questions

What if the resistance bands break?

All bands have a one-year warranty. Additional replacement resistance bands can be purchased on our website. Note: our bands are custom cut just for the Versa-Band and other resistance bands will not work as well with our product.

How many bands can be added at once without interfering with the construction/usability of the Versa-Band?

We recommend a 3 band maximum to be used at once. This allows for 7 total different resistance levels!

What resistance band levels are available?

Right now we have the ability to make: 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 45lb, and 60lb bands.

Can the Versa-Band be used on any door in-home?

The door must be very stable and well constructed. The anchor must be slid as close to the hinges as possible for the strongest anchor point. All doors should be tested before beginning a workout and we make no guarantees that the any door will support the Versa-Band exercise equipment.

What is the Versa-Band’s maximum weight limit?

The Versa-Band is tested and proven to support a maximum of 400lb weight limit.

I have never worked out before. Can I use the Versa-Band?

Yes, absolutely. The Versa-Band was created with all performance levels in mind. Difficulty level of bodyweight exercises can be adjusted by the angle of your body position. While resistance bands have the ability to change from 10lbs up to 60lbs of resistance per band.

What is bodyweight/suspension training?

This type of training allows users to use their own body weight to perform a great variation of exercises. The suspension straps allow users to increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise by changing the angle/inversion of their body. In other words, defy gravity!

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