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Hi, my name is Ozzy Nunez, the founder and inventor of Versa-Band and a California native. This is my story and how you can be part of supporting the Versa-Band movement!

I’ve always had a passion for sports and being active, but it wasn’t until I was a pre-teen that my desire to work out and live a healthier life started. After graduating with my BA in Marketing from San Diego State University, where I lead a very active lifestyle as a relief running back for the Aztecs, I accepted a job with 3M and relocated to Chicago to pursue a job in sales. One of the toughest things to me in sales is not overcoming an objection or helping people see the value when you have a quality product to offer. In fact, it is the traveling that comes with the job that challenged me. Not just the traveling, but trying to live a fit lifestyle while traveling.
Any of you who have ever traveled can relate to how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet while traveling along with a consistent workout regimen. It is very easy to get out of rhythm, especially when you’re not near a gym you are a member to or when all the hotel has is a treadmill, a stationary bike, or NOTHING to offer. If you are like me, you need more than that!! You need some resistance, some variation, and some cardio. You need a challenge.
Sure, I could have lugged a pull-up bar, some resistance bands, and a kettle bell from plane to plane and hotel to hotel. Heck, why not bring a tire and some battle ropes too!? (sarcasm) That’s the problem. You need all of this workout equipment to get what your body truly wants and needs. Not only is all of that equipment expensive, but it takes up a ton of space and is not conducive to an on-the-go person’s lifestyle!
I had a problem and needed to solve it quickly. I knew that I needed one exercise product that was portable, convenient, and affordable. I needed one exercise tool that could target every muscle group, hit any angle, and offer countless exercises. That’s when I developed the first Versa-Band.
My first prototype wasn’t too pretty, but it worked. I’ll never forget my first workout with the Versa-Band. I was in a Walmart parking lot somewhere in Indiana at 6:00pm (traffic hour). I finally had something I could run with, set-up quickly, perform an exercise, teardown quickly, and continue running. I created my own stations wherever I was. I would find a tree, a light pole, or a fence and set up shop for a few sets and then move on. I loved it! Get this, the “Walmartians” were looking at me like I was the one from another planet. I continued to test and rebuild my prototype over the next 9 months. Every time it got better, more durable, more convenient, easier to use, and cooler looking! When I finally thought I had something worth showing somebody, I took it to my local gym in Chicago called Xport Fitness. I anchored it to a tree outside the front entrance and began showing it off to passersby. I prepared a 10 question survey to get some consumer feedback regarding the product. I talked to every personal trainer, member, or manager that I could. After about 4 Fridays of standing in front of that gym with my product, I finally hit my goal of 100+ respondents. The survey went GREAT. The Versa-Band was received very well. I knew I was on to something and had to take the next step. I continued to develop the product and began figuring out costs, marketing, and manufacturing plans.
With a patent pending, I have begun the production and selling phase to help generate start up revenue that will allow me the necessary funds for more inventory, manufacturing, legal/attorney fees, warehouse/logistics, and to build awareness to launch Versa-Band and make my dream come true of taking an idea of mine and bringing it to fruition.
I hope this inspires other young entrepreneurs around the world too #ReleaseYourGrip! It all starts with just an idea, becomes a dream, and with a little help develops into a reality. Thank you for reading Versa-Band’s story.


fitness bandsOzzy Nunez


Ozzy Nunez is the creator of the Versa-Band.   A former tailback for San Diego State University, he received his bachelors degree in marketing.  After graduation, he landed a job with a fortune 500 company, moved to Chicago, and became a top salesman for his region.  Traveling frequently, he soon discovered his fitness was challenged.
He found out very quickly that most hotel gyms consisted of just a treadmill if anything at all. Attempting to solve this dilemma, Ozzy set out to create a solution for himself.  Something he could travel with that would challenge him to reach his health and fitness goals while allowing him to live a healthy and fit lifestyle that fit his traveling routine.
Versa-Band was created out of his robust passion for health and exercise—a product that would effortlessly transition between body-weight/suspension training and resistance/strength training; a product that saved time—because it could be used as both a suspension trainer a resistance and fitness band.  Its size allows it to be used at home, outdoors, or at the gym; a product that would be conveniently portable—because of it’s light-weight design;  and a product that allowed its user to control the intensity and versatility of each workout.
Ozzy is healthier and stronger today using Versa-Band.  He becomes more inspired seeing Versa-Band’s innovative, easily adaptable style and uses, as demonstrated by personal trainers, customers and friends.  He intends to continually work to make healthy living habits more realistic, productive, convenient and consistent for both himself and for those seeking a fit and healthy lifestyle—anywhere, anytime.

fitness bandsAdam Alfaro

Personal Trainer


Adam Alfaro’s journey with Versa-Band began in the company’s early stages.  He had been a long time friend of Ozzy Nunez, so the relationship was already there between them.  He has been using the Versa-Band for quite some time and is very excited for its potential.


Adam has been a certified personal trainer for over 3 years and has certifications in group fitness training.  In 2013, he graduated from University of California State San Marcos with a degree in kinesiology.  He began working at P4L Fitness in Temecula and has fully dedicated himself to the fitness field and community.  He works with fitness and weight-loss clients as well as athletes of all ages and levels.


He enjoys his “work” every single day and feels blessed at the opportunity to change lives.  He is very passionate about fitness, but more so, the idea of movement in general.  He doesn’t think that one type of exercising is better than any other, he feels everyone should find what they love and enjoy and do it as often as possible.


Adam thinks the Versa-Band is an exciting new tool that can help any person at any level with fitness goals in mind.  He believes in Versa-Band and what the company looks to provide to the fitness community.  He is both excited and honored to be a part of the Versa-Band team!

fitness bandsRona Molesi


Fitness changed my life and its what fuels my fire to change life through it. I attended El Camino High School and Palomar College. Some years later, I became a mother of two beautiful kids and they changed my world for the better! I moved the states at 15yrs old from the island of Samoa where I learned that constant activity and staying alive with a well balanced diet was the key to overall health and happiness. I love to compete and grew up playing basketball, volleyball, netball, and soccer. I have learned that doing what you love never feels quite like work and it is why I became a GXI, trainer, and a coach! Knowing that I’m helping others overcome their struggles and commit to a lifestyle change makes it a lot more rewarding and gives me the motivation to keep pushing myself as l go through my own journey and challenges. I love competing on stage with NPC as a bikini athlete where I have placed 2nd (at my very first show) and with NABBA as a figure competitor where I placed 2nd at my 2nd show and 4th at my 3rd. I am currently prepping for another show with fitness universe MM all natural before the end of this year. The most exciting part of it all is the constant change and how much I have learned over the years. I came across Versa-Band a couple of months ago and fell in love right away with what it offers, and I’m so honored to be a part of it. I look forward to growing with Versa-Band as we combine the love we have to changing people’s lives through fitness.

Versa-Band, Resistance Training, Personal Training, Athlete PerformanceDerrick Baker

Personal Trainer


Coach Derreck is originally from Davenport, Iowa. He is a graduate of Millikin University, majoring in Kinesiology, and also attended St. Ambrose University to study physical therapy and work hardening. Coach Derreck started his career as an intern for Frappier Acceleration Davenport.  There he worked with ultimate fighters Jens Pulver and Robbie Lawler. Coach Derreck worked for Athletic Edge Sports and Performance as an Assistant Strength Coach.  He has 3 years of experience working as a youth coach; trained Lewis University men’s and women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, and men’s and women’s swimming for strength and conditioning. He trained 7 time National Championship winning youth club volleyball teams from 1st Alliance and 3rd coast men’s volleyball.  All while he was  the head fitness director and strength and conditioning coach for FitCode Performance.

Coach Derreck is currently the owner Strength and Conditioning /Sports Performance and fitness coach for P.R.O Fitness and Sports Academy, working with Whitney Young, Riverside Brookfeild, De La Salle Institute, Engelwood Men’s High school teams as their strength coach, and Chicago Fire Academy as Performance coach as well as the Jordan Brands Station 23 as a Assistant Performance coach.  Whitney Young won the Illinios State class 4A championship in 2014 with him on board.

Current individual athletes that he has the pleasure to train include Jahlil Okafor (Philadelphia 76ers, 3rd overall pick and 2015 NCAA national champion), Curtis Granderson (New York Mets), George Kantos (San Francisco Giants), TJ McFarland (Baltimore Orioles) and Neal Cotts (Milwaukee Brewers).  Keifer Sykes(Euro Professional Basketball), Alfonzo McKinnie (NBAD), Paul White  and Miles Reynolds are currently NCAA men’s basketball players.  Other athletes are Nia Moore (Tennessee Ladies Vols), Jamarco James ( Ohio State Buckeyes football), Jaleel Johnson (Iowa Hawkeyes Football), Maurice Flemming (West Virginia Mountaineers ), Kenny Golladay (Northern Illinois University), and Jason Williams, a Free Agent from the NFL.