LA Fit Expo 2016

25 Jan LA Fit Expo 2016

fit expoThis weekend we showcased the Versa-Band to the fitness world.  Our booth was a big hit!  People loved the product and the energy that our team brought.  We had giveaways, competitions and personal training right on the floor of the expo.  It was a blast introducing the Versa-Band to the world.  Many gyms and personal trainers are interested in using our product and seeing what it can do for them and their business.  We are excited to see how this show will take Versa-Band to the next level!

I would like these to be features on the Home page. Like how you currently have the “full body workout” “Use it anytime” and “use it anywhere” box.


  • Body learns to be in sync
  • Compound movements
  • Balance
  • Trunk muscles engaged
  • Baseline strength
  • Advanced/technical training


  • Focus on one muscle group
  • Adds variety
  • Constant tension throughout movements
  • Add availability to regress/progress
  • Add assistance to bodyweight exercises
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