Why Suspension Training?

07 Mar Why Suspension Training?

IMG_2440 800Suspension training is a form of bodyweight training in which the anchor point supporting the body is above the athlete’s head.  It allows for exercising in confined spaces such as inside your home or garage.  Suspension training is typically portable, allowing for athletes to exercise while traveling.

Core: Suspension training challenges athletes to maintain excellent form with each repetition.  Because your body is inclined, your core is incorporated into each exercise.  A stronger core means better posture, greater strength, endurance and much more.

Balance/Stability: Stabilizing your body with each exercise is required with suspension training. For example, take an ordinary push-up and turn it into a much more challenging movement when your arms are suspended from straps like those of the Versa-Band.  You must keep your body in balance and under control with each repetition.  This helps engage stabilizing secondary muscles such as the triceps and shoulders that you would have ignored before with a traditional push-up.  Get more done with one exercise!

Body Positioning:  Suspension training is great for all levels of expertise.  This is because the angle your body is at makes for a more challenging workout.  The greater the inversion, the more difficult the exercise.  This is perfect for when you do burnout sets because once the exercise becomes too difficult simply adjust your body position and continue to work in more repetitions.  This type of exercise is also more safe than using free weights as it does not require a spotter.

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